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Welcome at VIP-Contacts


VIP-Contact should ease the handling of your favorite contacts.
I wrote this application because the administration of my favorite contacts don't do whtat i excpet it should do.


  • Any number of a contact can be add to the short list.
  • Predefined SMS can be send without long typing.
  • Contacts can be backup up to the SD-Card (XML)
  • Contacts can be restored/updated

What is planned?

  • Other transations
  • Configuration screen for personal Settings (e.g. Background, periodically backups)

Help for VIP-Contact

Send Email

If you get the contextmenu out of this Symbol you get all email-addresses listet from this contact. If you just press the Symbol you'll send an email to one of the email-addresses.

Send SMS

If you get the contextmenu out of this Symbol you get all predefined sms's listet. If you just press the Symbol you'll see the normal screen for entering sms's

Add contact

Here you get a list with all contacts and numbers which can be added to the short list.

Config SMS

Here you can mange your predefined SMS's

Manage Contact

Here you can backup/restore your contacts.
    Backup Contacts Create a Backup on the sd-card
    Restore Contacts Creates the contacts from the backup file without checking if the contact already exists.
    Update Contacts Updates the existing contacts with the values form the backup file
    Create Folder Creates the folder VIP-Contact on your sd-card


Here you can see the actual version of my app.


You'll get to this page :)


If you like my app I would be happy about a little donation.


If you can't access the Android-Market you can get the App from here.